Expeditions in and for wild places



Expeditions in and for wild places


Based in the remote Aysén Region of Chile, Chulengo's premise is simple:

We organize far-flung, inspiring Patagonian expeditions.

We build communities of adventurers, activists, and artists.

We travel light and seek out challenges.

We believe that beauty is worth protecting. 


With 10.3 million acres of brand new national parklands, Chile has staked its future on sustainable, forward-thinking development. These vast, rarely visited landscapes are the canvass for our backcountry expeditions.

San Lorenzo Cochrane Chile

Chulengo's expeditions are immersive, thought-provoking journeys through Patagonia's least-travelled areas, led by activists and educators who've fought to protect them.

As a team, we've spent years rooted in this place and are continually awed by its beauty and power. We're invested in Aysén's future as a global model of land conservation and sustainable resource use. 

Why Chulengo?


We lean into the power of wildness to offer transformative experiences: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. As adventurers, educators and conservationists, we find camaraderie and reflection, creativity and routine, epiphanies and synthesis through uninterrupted time in the wilderness. Our project avoids mass tourism in favor of a thoughtful experience. 

We listen to the lessons of the landscapes we walk through.  We use these parks as classrooms for exploring Patagonia's history, land conservation, and wilderness, bringing years of expertise as members of the Tompkins Conservation team, which spearheaded the protection of 10 million acres in Chile's newest national parks. Protected through determination and commitment, these new national parks call on each of us to commit to "paying our rent for living on the planet."

We teach outdoor skills that empower participants for their own explorations. We call our style "lightweight guiding." We handle the logistics and bring years of outdoor experience and local knowledge to share. But we'll ask you to carry your own weight, literally and figuratively, through difficult terrain and unpredictable weather. 


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