We're looking for enthusiastic people to help us create a new kind of backcountry experience. You don't need to be a sponsored mountaineer or a professional biologist, but these backcountry expeditions are physically, intellectually, and interpersonally demanding. Chulengo's likely the place for you if you're excited about:

  • Sleeping in a tent every night, smiling through Patagonia's variable weather every day

  • Carrying a backpack of 30 - 40 lbs while hiking 6 - 12 miles/ day with up to 3000 ft of elevation gain

  • Diving into group conversations about conservation and working cooperatively with others

  • Embracing the risk and uncertainty that's inherent to remote backcountry travel


Expedition Application

We ask all our participants to submit a simple application -- think of it as the beginning of a conversation. Once we've received your information, we'll email you and begin the process of preparing you for your trip. Note: we're often in the field on expeditions, so we appreciate your patience if we are slow to respond!

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